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MBTI® Workshops
"When....a group becomes a true team, members perform at a high level not because the boss demands it but because their team colleagues expect it. Members work hard so as to support each other and not let the team down. In effect, then, the team manages itself. If a team member fails to perform, other members will let him know. In this way, performance is guided by the social and emotional bonds among members, not the expectations of the boss."  

Linda Hill & Kent Lineback, coauthors of Being the Boss: The 3 Imperatives for Becoming a Great Leader (HBR Press, 2011).
The Basics of Understanding
1. MBTI® Step I Assessment for each attendee
2. Introduction toType Booklet
3. Review of individual Step I results
4. Interactive exercises to illustrate Type variations
5. Integration Action Plan

(Half day minimum, One full day ideal)
The Basics of Understanding
How do you develop a team whose members respect each other so much that the team manages itself? 

What would be possible if each member of your team understood  and appreciated their own preferences, and each other member's preference, when it comes to:

  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Interpersonal trust and relations
  • Decision making 

The Myers Briggs Type Indicator is a tool used worldwide to aid in the understanding of natural personality variations in four discrete areas:

Where you get your Energy
How you Gather Information
How you Make Decisions
How you deal with the Outer World

When you understand that he's not really being a jerk, you're less likely to take things personally.  

When you understand that she needs to recharge in her office after a big meeting, you're more likely to get better results if you let her go. 

When you understand that he needs flexible deadlines to be most effective, you'll be amazed at what he produces. 

When you understand that your preferences are hindering your team's effectiveness, you can learn to operate in different ways when necessary. 

Workshops by Christy are informative, fun, interactive and generate real results.  

Take your Group or Team to the next level!
1. The Basics of Understanding Workshop
2. Explanation of Type in a particular context
3. Interactive exercises to illustrate type in a particular context:
  • Communication
  • Teambuilding
  • Conflict
  • Stress
  • Change Management
  • Client Relations
4. Integration Action Plan for group/team

(One to Two days)
A Deeper Understanding
Customized programs also available!
The MBTI® is an established instrument for measuring personality characteristics and has been reliability and validity tested for over 65 years (for those of you types who tend to question those sorts of things.). More than 2 million people take the assessment every year from countries all around the world, and organizations from Fortune 500 Companies to academics and government agencies use it to help improve individual and organizational performance.
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