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Why Hire a Life Coach?

Athletes have coaches. Singers have coaches. 
Executives and leaders have coaches.

Why shouldn’t you?  

Coaching is a partnership- a joint commitment to set and pursue goals that YOU determine, and to measure success as YOU would have it. As a coach, my job is to stand for your potential and your goals, to remind you of your strengths and innate greatness and to provide the tools for moving forward in life. Not a therapist. Not an expert. An accountability partner, an always ally- a life coach. 

What would be possible in your life if you worked with someone whose sole focus in the relationship was to make sure that you succeed? 
No politics and no strings.  

Where would you like to see positive change and create forward momentum?  

  • Career Selection & Progression
  • Job Performance
  • Leadership Development
  • Relationship
  • Family
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Reducing Stress
  • Increasing Joy
  • Relationship to Money

Together, we identify your goals, your dreams and aspirations. Together we crack open the walls around your true essence and allow life to fill your being. Together, we create a safe space for exploration of the patterns and beliefs that don’t serve your life’s purpose. And in that safe space we plot a course to move you forward. Always forward. Small decisions, daily choices, life plans- practice becoming intentional in them all. Big happiness and big fulfillment are there, waiting for you to find them. 
Pursue YOUR Harmony

Our work is based on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®, (MBTI®), a statistically verified instrument with more than 80 years of development behind it.  These results will help you understand your natural preferences and your authentic personality. The MBTI® assessment is the best-known and most trusted personality assessment tool available today.

Individual Coaching
Career Boost or Reboot
Individual Life or Professional 
  • 3- 6 month time commitment
  • Four 60-minute sessions per month by telephone
  • Unlimited email and text check-ins as needed
  • Includes MBTI Step I Assessment and intepretation session
  • Fees paid one month in advance

Credit cards accepted.​

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Explore and understand your natural preferences and strengths through the language of Personality Type and learn what careers your type is most likely to find satisfaction in.
($250 includes assessment & materials fees)

  • Take the MBTI® Step I Assessment
  • Receive the Introduction to Type Booklet
  • Learn your individual Step I results 
  • Integration Action Plan
  • One 60-minute telephone coaching call and Two 30-minute follow-up calls
The MBTI® is an established instrument for measuring personality characteristics and has been reliability and validity tested for over 65 years (for those of you types who tend to question those sorts of things.). More than 2 million people take the assessment every year from countries all around the world, and organizations from Fortune 500 Companies to academics and government agencies use it to help improve individual and organizational performance.