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What are people saying?
"The Logical Harmony presentation was fantastic! I experienced a couple of powerful ah-ha! moments. I now understand why both my colleagues and I exhibit certain behaviors, and am therefore able to view their actions less personally. I found it helpful in reminding me that we are all motivated by different carrots and sticks."
--Kristen Knepper, Esq
"Thank you for presenting at our conference. The information was stimulating, educational and well-received by the attendees."
--Brent Bernau
2011-2012 SANDALL Vice President
4th All-California Joint Institute Co-Chair 

Happenings & Events
Clients Include
The Boardroom San Diego
California Western School of Law
San Diego County Law Library
San Diego Women in Finance
Christy was always good at listening and understanding, but also good at keeping me on track and my eye on the prize. She is powerful in her own right, and lives her values. This is reflected in her coaching style as well. She truly helped me experience empowerment. 
--RH, Coaching Client
"The Workshop was excellent.
The MBTI is a priceless tool.
Christy is a great coach."
-- ENFP Workshop participant
"...this particular workshop was chock full of creative participation, cognitive gymnastics, and intellectual intrigue(!)  Our moderator, Christy Cassisa, JD, masterfully took control of the workshop early and expertly introduced the attendees to the "Myers Briggs Type Indicator".
--INTJ Workshop participant
"I have had Myers Briggs assessments in the past, but at this year's SANDALL Fall workshop on October 26, 2012, I got to explore what these preferences mean in a much more in-depth and thoughtful way...."
--ISTJ Workshop particpant