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Coaching for Attorneys, by an Attorney
Why work with a coach? 
Where do you want to see positive change and create forward momentum?  
Do any of these scenarios sound familiar to you?  If so, let's talk about how to make a change for the better.  

My coaching practice focuses on self-awareness, mindfulness and emotional intelligence with an ontological (whole being) approach. We also use facilitative practices to set and work towards goals, while always remembering your overall life's purpose and mission. 

The Next Level
You've been successful in the practice of law, but now something seems off. You're not sure that this life does it for you any more, you want something that means more to you. What is the next level and how do you get there?

Wrong Career
You devoted years to the study of law. You likely committed thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars to the study of law. But now you're not sure you made the right choice. Maybe you don't even want to practice law. So what's next?

New Practice Area
You practice in an area of law that is not very satisfying and are looking to make a change. But what direction do you go? What type of law is right for your personality and temperament? 

Improve Relationships
You're happy in the practice of law, but now you want to have better relationships with your family, friends, colleagues and clients. You're an expert in so many things, how do you become an expert in this?

Increase Life Satisfaction
Burn-out, depression and major stress are all too common in the practice of law. You want your work/life balance back, or you actually just want to commit to it for the first time.  Where to start? 

Our work is based on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®, (MBTI®), a statistically verified instrument with more than 80 years of development behind it. These results will help you understand your natural preferences and your authentic personality. The MBTI® assessment is the best-known and most trusted personality assessment tool available today.

What would be possible in your life if you worked with someone whose sole focus in the relationship was to make sure that you succeed? 
No politics and no strings.  

The rest of your life begins today. 
Ask me about a complimentary 30 minute sample session!
Individual Coaching 
  • 3- 6 month time commitment
  • Four 60-minute sessions per month by telephone
  • Unlimited email and text check-ins as needed
  • Includes MBTI Step I Assessment and intepretation session
  • Fees paid one month in advance

Credit cards accepted.​

Let's talk.
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Career Boost or Reboot 
Explore and understand your natural preferences and strengths through the language of Personality Type and learn what careers your type is most likely to find satisfaction in.
($250 includes assessment & materials fees)

  • Take the MBTI® Step I Assessment
  • Receive the Introduction to Type Booklet
  • Learn your individual Step I results 
  • Integration Action Plan
  • One 60-minute telephone coaching call and Two 30-minute follow-up calls
The MBTI® is an established instrument for measuring personality characteristics and has been reliability and validity tested for over 65 years (for those of you types who tend to question those sorts of things.). More than 2 million people take the assessment every year from countries all around the world, and organizations from Fortune 500 Companies to academics and government agencies use it to help improve individual and organizational performance.