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The Founder & Coach-in-Chief
Christy Cassisa, JD

I am a teacher, coach and consultant and I have found my passion working with people to build awareness and understanding in themselves and others. The turmoil of finding my own career path has given me the drive to work with others to find their purpose and live a life of intentional harmony.

I offer my clients more than 12 years of professional experience, an empathetic heart, an analytical curiosity, an accountability partnership and a balanced approach to living. 

I graduated from the University of Missouri- Rolla (now Missouri Science and Technology) with a BS in Life Sciences, magna cum laude. Rather than spending more time in a laboratory, I decided to go to law school. I figured I had nothing better to do with my time than rack up thousands of dollars in loans in the pursuit of a relatively un-planned career path.  

I practiced law for 2 very long years in St. Louis, MO both in a small firm and as an Assistant Attorney General. This experience convinced me that there was not much that I enjoyed about the practice of law, and found I much preferred mentoring new colleagues.

I found a teaching niche working for West, now Thomson Reuters, as Academic Account Manager and moved to sunny San Diego, CA where I spent nearly 8 years training every San Diego law student how to use Westlaw, the premier online legal research service.  

As part of my professional development with Thomson Reuters, I took the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), and learned about my Type- ENFJ. This knowledge was a light bulb- I finally understood much of what was so difficult for me about the practice of law, and why teaching was such a better fit. I discovered that I am a Feeler- a helping, relationship-focused type, and that most attorneys are Thinkers- cool and logical types. I finally understood that I wasn't crazy, and that the way I operate is normal for my type. What a relief! 

I took a 2-year maternity sabbatical to stay home with my daughters, and during this time became Certified to administer and interpret the MBTI. 

In furtherance of my passion to help people be the most they can be and get the most out of life, I entered coaching in 2011 and graduated from the Accomplishment Coaching Training Program in June 2012.  AC is one of the few coach training programs in the world that is wholly accredited with the International Coach Federation.  

In Fall 2012, I launched a new seminar at California Western School of Law called Life Skills for Lawyers.  This is a groundbreaking course in legal education in that it combines training in Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence and Personality Assessment via the MBTI. The course was intended to enhance law students' self-management and awareness in their pursuit of the law.

After teaching this course for 2 semesters, it was acquired by Barbri, the premier bar review and legal education company. I joined Barbri for a short time to build out this and other professional effectiveness programs. 

In 2013 I also became Certified to administer and interpret the EQi- 2.0 emotional intelligence assessment.

I discovered mindfulness meditation in 2010. I have taken a formal Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction course through University of California, San Diego's Center for Mindfulness and I am pursuing the training necessary to teach MBSR. 

As a relative newcomer to mindfulness and meditation, I understand the immediate benefits as well as the real challenges people encounter when learning this new skill and integrating the practice into their daily lives. In my own experience, having a support system in place helps me maintain the practice and I truly enjoy sharing the journey with others.  

I also serve on the Board of Directors of the San Diego Association for Psychological Type (SANDAPT) and am pursuing my Master MBTI Practitioner and ICF Coaching Credentials.  

Joy, ​Love and Peace to you.
A recovering attorney, I have found my calling working with people to discover their innate strengths and natural preferences. Armed with this knowledge, we can evaluate what serves you and discard what does not. Together let's plot a course to the future of your intent. Pursue your Harmony with Balance & Direction. 
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Christy is also 
The Daily Altruist, practicing kindness.