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Intentional Harmony Coaching
I offer an ontological approach to coaching.  We work on projects of your design, while examining your whole being, challenging automatic patterns of behavior and thought processes and creating new possibilities.

My Coaching Approach
  • Practice mindfulness of your presence in the world
  • Create awareness of your preferences and your strengths through the MBTI® and strengths assessments and a review of your personal history
  • Design projects around goals and life purpose
  • Question your patterns and habits
  • Create new opportunities in the direction of your goals
  • Identify and reframe challenges to view them in a different light
  • Practice Action
  • Celebrate successes

Logical Harmony Consulting 
I offer Team and Group Workshops based on the Myers Briggs Type Indicator®

Through engaging and interactive workshops, learn how you prefer to operate and compare this with others you encounter, in work and life. Understanding basic communication and information processing styles can vastly improve your effectiveness and highlight areas for growth.

Teams have particular needs for understanding how each member interacts and impacts progress towards team goals, focusing on conflict management, communication, team-building and more.

​I am Certified to administer and interpret the Myers Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI) assessment, a tool that helps us identify our preferred ways of operating and in doing so, helps us determine what types of behavior can be performed most easily and naturally. 

The MBTI® is an established instrument for measuring personality characteristics and has been reliability and validity tested for over 65 years (for those of you types who tend to question those sorts of things.). More than 2 million people take the assessment every year from countries all around the world, and organizations from Fortune 500 Companies to academics and government agencies use it to help improve individual and organizational performance.
As a coach and consultant, I develop customized programs designed to align your personal and professional lives with integrity, providing quality results through individual coaching and workshops. I partner with clients to improve performance and enhance satisfaction through the pursuit of positive change.
As an attorney, I also offer expertise and specialized solutions 
for those in the law 
and law-related areas.